Kitchen Planner


STAGE ONE: ( Click here to download pdf version )

On the planning sheet draw a detailed plan of the room, taking the overall dimensions at worktop level (900mm or approximately 36° high) with a metal tape measure.  Clearly mark position of windows, doors and the direction in which they open, power points, switches and any pipes or other obstructions.


Decide in which area of the kitchen the following activities are to be centred:  serving, cooking, washing-up, food preparation and storage.

The ideal work flow diagram is shown below:


1.  For maximum convenience, the sink should not be installed in a corner situation.
2.  To simplify plumbing, the sink, dish-washer and plumbed-in washing machine should be
     positioned on outside walls of the kitchen, near to the drain.
3.  Wherever possible, avoid positioning a freezer or fridge next to a hob or cooker.


Before detailing, the units you require, here are a number of guidelines to help you make the most of your kitchen:

1.  Wherever possible, line up wall unit doors with floor unit doors - it will improve the look of the kitchen.
2.  To maximise the space available in corner situations, use corner base and corner wall units.
3.  Whenever possible, try to group all tall units together.
4.  Avoid positioning a tall unit in the centre of a run of floor units.
5.  Always use the longest work top length to minimise the number of joins.


Decide on the base units you require.  Always begin in a corner situation - beginning with base units first and continuing until you have completed runs.  If you have a space either over, or under, the run length, adjust the base units selected, to make provision for a tray or bin recess.  To complete your plan, mark the unit codes against each unit, and also any other items, including accessories, that you have planned.


Bring your plan and we will be only too pleased to check the plan for you.  It’s that easy - and you can now proudly say that you have planned your own kitchen.


Click here to download pdf version